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Future of food safety

September 2019

The first World Food Safety Day (WFSD) was celebrated on 7 June 2019 to raise awareness and find measures to prevent and manage food-borne risks, contributing to food security, human health and economy, agriculture, access to markets, tourism and sustainability.

"Everyone has the right to have access to safe and nutritious food. Even today, in the world, one person in ten becomes ill after consuming contaminated food. If the food is not healthy, the children are not able to learn and adults are not able to work, and there can be no human development. "

During the meetings, on many occasions it was emphasized that the synergy of all the subjects involved in the process is fundamental, in particular the following control phases were highlighted:

1. Ensuring security: governments must ensure safe and nutritious food for all.
2. Producing in safety: agricultural and food producers must adopt good practices.
3. Preserving safety: the operators must ensure that food is treated in a safe manner, guaranteeing compliance with the fundamental HACCP program, that identifies, assesses and controls the dangers that are important for food safety, from primary production to final consumption. At this stage MENIKINI steam generators play a leading role, preventing contamination during production by cleaning surfaces in contact with food, ecologically, through the sanitizing power of thermal shock.
4. Safety controls: all consumers are entitled to safe, healthy and nutritious food.
5. Team up for safety: food safety is a common responsibility.

Menikini for food:



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