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Hospitality and professional sanitation

January 2019

The following footage was shot by a hidden camera that captured the actions of cleaners in 4 famous chinese hotels.

These shocking images are not just the result of incorrect use of tools for cleaning hotel environments, but they highlight the widespread incompetence in the sector.

Very often cleaner operators are thought in no need of training. Commonly there is the idea that anyone, regardless of the level of competence, can pick up spray and mop and start cleaning. Reality is different, a cleaner is a very important worker with major responsibilities who must be trained and guided to a specialized level for the sanification of environments.

Cleaning is essential for many reasons, such as the appearance and smell of a room or the necessity to live healthy by fighting the diseases or infections.

What the employees do in the video is scandalous, mixing bacteria from residual saliva with those on the bathroom towel, and taking them to the sink or the glass, etc. This methodology is unacceptable.

For many years Menikini has invested in equipment and new technologies able to facilitate cleaning and sanitization, promoting the correct use of the machines by the operator to eliminate errors or wrong behaviors.

Menikini for hospitality:



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