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strength of the team

the strength of the team

Menikini is an innovative company, a successful example of the most genuine Italian family business. The brand is the result of the established experience of Luciano Menichini who has been manufacturing high-quality electrical appliances since 1973.
Such valuable legacy has been taken up by his children, Simona and Massimiliano, who have launched a future-oriented project.
Using the solid foundation, the current generation has expanded into markets abroad, bringing the best of "Made in Italy" to the world.

Domoplast, expert in thermoplastic mold design and injection molding and parent company of the group, produces electro domestic appliances for some of the most prestigious Italian and International companies.
A client retention rate in excess of 95% guarantees an unrivaled level of customer satisfaction in the sector.
The quality and competitiveness of the Domoplast production is guaranteed by the constant technological improvements in molding and assembly, the constant control of the manufacturing processes as well as the efficient use of automation and robotics.
The entire production is overseen by the highly equipped quality department.

General Vapeur was one of the first companies in the world to propose saturated dry steam for cleaning and sanitizing.
Since 1973, General Vapeur’s expertise of research and development has allowed the company to take advantage of the potential of steam cleaning while maintaining the maximum level of safety for the operators.
Following years of success and rewarded by the sales of millions of machines worldwide, General Vapeur began a complete renovation, transferring its entire production to a new facility in the Menikini compound in Albairate - Milan.

leadership of the brand

the leadership of the brand

Menikini is a partner with whom clients develop a professional and emotional synergy based on mutual trust and respect.
The quality of service is at the heart of our company, but it is the direct rapport with our clients that has been the real key to our success.
Menikini is a modern brand that invites change: the challenge of new markets stimulates our innovation and creativity as we search for new products and opportunities for growth.

Menikini offers its partners a profitable collaboration with complete respect for the individual needs of each client. All of our collective resources and capabilities are available for everyone.
Menikini strives to create value for each customer. Beginning with a concept, then based on the most advanced technology and the interaction of all company resources, developed into a product which will satisfy the customer’s need.

made in Italy

made in Italy

Made in Italy is the the most genuine label worldwide Menikini is a keen supporter of the “Made in Italy” label, guaranteeing its customers that the machines they purchase are true products of Italian quality.
Made in Italy expresses excellence in creativity and craftsmanship. The whole world admires and trusts products with the “Made in Italy” label. Most people are prepared to make sacrifices to be able to purchase an Italian branded article. For Menikini the ‘Made in Italy’ label means the use of only the higest quality materials and a product made entirely in Italy from the design and development until the product is constructed, tested and ready for sale.

Obviously, the decision to keep the entire production process in Italy involves higher costs: the use of highly skilled professional workers and technicians, the state of the art production facilities and the guarantee of the highest level of quality. Menikini uses only first class raw materials and components. The Menikini business model provides a guarantee to customers that all machines are a true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, and worthy of the Made in Italy label.


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General Vapeur is the largest producer of steam generators in Italy and an international leader in dry steam cleaning. Our steam generators and cleaners represent the top for industrial and professional applications and are available in different configurations.