• save water

    save water

    water is one of the most precious resources for humanity
    and should not be wasted unnecessarily

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  • environmentally friendly

    environmentally friendly

    cleaning with drastic reduction of chemicals

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  • thermal shock

    thermal shock

    pathogenic agents are not resistant
    to the thermal shock of vapor cleaning

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  • no surface damage

    no surface damage

    steam is not abrasive and therefore it is suitable for delicate surfaces

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  • steam max & steam max vacuum
    steam max & steam max vacuum
    3 kW
    professional steam & vacuum generator

    The Steam Max series machines have been specifically designed to offer professional cleaning...

  • steam master 10 kW
    steam master
    10 kW
    industrial steam generator

    10 bar and 185 °C for the cleaning and sanitizing of complex surfaces...

  • steamy
    10-11.4 kW
    super heating dry steam generator

    One or two steam outputs and a professional vacuum cleaner on request ...

  • MK 3000 & MK 3000 VAC
    MK 3000 & MK 3000 VAC
    steam and vacuum generator

    High efficient cleaning with and a large range of accessories for a practical and easy use...

  • ML5
    steam generator

    Environmentally friendly house cleaning, avoiding the use of chemicals...

  • tekno steam belt cleaner
    tekno steam
    belt cleaning system

    Portable system for use in multiple locations...

  • steam master 19.5-30 kW
    steam master
    19,5-30 kW
    industrial steam generator

    Specialized for the food and beverage industry, wine making, transportations and industrial environments...

  • easy steam & easy steam vacuum
    easy steam
    & easy steam vacuum

    3 kW
    professional steam & vacuum cleaner

    Easy steam is a steam generator that work at 6 bar 165°C...

  • DI20 & DI40 diesel mobile
    DI20 & DI40
    diesel mobile
    dry steam generator

    Detergents in industrial cleaning can be substituted with the use of saturated dry steam...

  • steam master 36-72 kW
    steam master
    36-72 kW
    industrial steam generator

    High performance steam generator for special applications...

  • steam master compact
    steam master compact
    industrial steam generator

    Substitute detergents with saturated dry steam to save on water and chemicals...


    Pulire 19
    Pulire 19

    March 2019

    Verona (Italy)
    21-23 May 2019
    Hall 6 - Stand D2/5

    Fame Innowa
    Fame Innowa

    March 2019

    Torre Pacheco, Murcia (ES)
    3-6 April 2019
    Booth 127/128

    Hospitality and professional sanitation
    Hospitality and professional sanitation

    January 2019

    The following footage was shot by a hidden camera that captured the actions of cleaners in 4 famous chinese hotels.

    Menikini at China International Import Expo 2018
    Menikini at China International Import Expo 2018

    November 2018

    Shanghai (China)
    5-10 November 2018
    BOOTH 4.1B6-14

    Menikini supports
    Menikini supports "Be Pink" team in France and Spain

    October 2018

    Even for 2018, Menikini is going to support "Be Pink Team".
    It's been over 20 years that we are an official sponsor in cycling.

    Great success achieved at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam
    Great success achieved at ISSA Interclean Amsterdam

    May 2018

    The 2016 edition of the ISSA interclean show proved to be another great success.

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    General Vapeur is the largest producer of steam generators in Italy and an international leader in dry steam cleaning. Our steam generators and cleaners represent the top for industrial and professional applications and are available in different configurations.